Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do, exactly?

I turn dreams into reality! Wedding dresses can be hard to find, and sale staff are quite often simply sales staff: they don't know body shape, fabric types, or are simply keen to make sales. I have years of experience in designing and making wedding dresses, a process I choose to do collaboratively, working with the bride, bridesmaids, her mum... Fabrics are specially chosen, just for you. Beyond the dress is the bride's Trousseau - all her accompanying accessories for her wedding day. I have a range of one of a kind heirloom lace garters, millinery veils and fascinators, and other accessories to complement the look for your wedding day. The process begins with a design and a complex set of measurements, so that patterns can be drafted to your size and style, and fabrics are chosen to complement the shape and movement of the overall design. 

Why should I get my wedding dress custom made with you?

If you’re looking for something unique, different, and perfect for you, then custom made is the best way to go. You may have found sales staff to be not knowledgeable enough, or you don’t want to buy the same bestseller as everyone else. Or, you’re trying to blend cultural traditions, yet still wanting something that looks and feels perfectly ‘you’. Or best of all, you have a vision of YOUR dress, yet nothing you’ve seen quite compares, and you’re not willing to compromise.

How much does a dress cost?

There are many variables in cost, and everything gets taken into consideration. The design has the most importance, followed by fabric choices (lace, silk, cotton, taffeta) petticoats and underpinnings, simple or extravagant. It could be anywhere from $800-$10,000, but most likely is around $2500-$6000. Every dress I make, I start the same – with a design consultation, a set of measurements, and an open mind. This is a purely unique experience, and you shouldn’t expect the same price as something that has been mass produced offshore.

How much does a design consultation cost?

Design consultations are free of charge. Generally, we will sit down for  an hour, discussing all elements of your day. Location, time of day, time of year, as they all play a roll in deciding what kind of dress will work. Along with what you’re interested in, colours, textures and fabric types. All fittings are also included in the cost. Once I commit to the price, there are no add-ons, no hidden extras or unexpected changes, as long as the dress design doesn’t change.

How far in advance should I book?

It’s a good idea to book your first consultation approximately 6 to 10 months ahead of your wedding. Dresses can, of course, be completed in less time than that if there is availability. If you’re pregnant, losing weight, or taking big overseas holidays, then these can change the lead time required to make your dress. I am always fair and flexible.

Can I bring my Mum, Bridesmaids, friends? What else do I need to bring?

Yes, please! Bring your trusted loved ones, they know you better than I do. They can give you good, honest advice, and help with the big decisions (ivory, mother of pearl, egg white, or other?), and keep you on track. It’s great to have them get excited with you too, as you all see your dress come to life. As fittings progress, we will talk through deadlines for shoes, underwear, and accessories, as they can play a part in how your dress will come together.

What does “Trousseau” mean?

Trousseau is a French word, meaning the all encompassing word for the accessories, undergarments, and other pieces worn by a bride on her wedding day. Garters, veil or other millinery, corsetry and underwear (practical or wedding night) all count as part of your trousseau, and most of that can be made by me and incorporated with your design. I have an exclusive milliner who is available to come in to your fittings if you would like something made up for you especially, designed to compliment your gown.

Are you available after hours and on weekends?

Appointment times are flexible, and I’m happy to meet after work or on weekends if that is what suits you best. All access to my studio is by appointment only, to ensure the focus is on you exclusively, without interruptions. Please don’t hesitate to call if you are running late or early.

Do you supply the fabrics?

I have a range of fabric suppliers in Sydney and overseas, but I don’t keep a lot of stock fabrics. I prefer to buy what I need, when it is needed. You never know what kind of dress will come up next, or how the fashions will change. We can fabric shop together, or you can go shopping, or I can go shopping. I am happy to work from fabric you provide, and will give advice accordingly. There are some lovely shops we can go to together, but there are also some wonderful places not open to the public. We will decide what is best based on your design.

Do you alter other gowns?

I am happy to do alterations to a gown you have bought from the shops. Or better yet, a family heirloom you have inherited. If you want to surprise your grandmother by wearing her gown, but customised to your fit and style, then that is a wonderful thing to do, and I would take great joy and care in being part of it. It is not always as easy as it sounds to alter, or revitalise a dress, so a consultation and quote will be given according to what changes are necessary. If this is the option you are looking into, I suggest you bring it along to your first consultation, and we will see what can be done with it. I'm also starting to see some questionable alterations done by the store the dress is bought from. Often these stores have minimal experience above that of an Alterations Store in a shopping centre. If you would prefer to have an expert look over your dress, then give me a call.